Footpath Complaints

I have received a number of complaints about the state of the footpaths off Manor Road, with walkers reporting that farming activities are making the paths unusable. I am told that farmers are not allowed to plough paths that run along the side of fields and can be fined for doing so. They are allowed to plough paths across fields but they must reinstate them within two weeks. There have also been complaints about manure blocking paths. I will be walking the paths with our footpath warden at the weekend and I will contact the farmer as appropriate. Please remember that the Parish Council has no direct authority in these matters; it is up to the County Council to ensure that footpaths are accessible to all and we must look to work with the County Council and the farmers in the interests of law abiding footpath users. In the meantime if you wish to contact the County Council directly you can do so via the web site The more people that complain the more likely it is that action will be taken.