The JCS and the Cheltenham Local Plan

Local organisations and individuals have been participating in the independent review of the JCS. So far we get the impression that the inspector is acting very fairly and has made a lot of criticism of the JCS. Decisions are not expected until end of the year or in Spring 2016.

Another key ingredient in this is the Cheltenham Local Plan. The Parish Council developed a local green space application to be considered as part of our town’s local plan. The Parish Council is trying to protect the green fields around the village because they are so important for the identity of the village and provide a beautiful place for walking, running and observing nature.

The Cheltenham Local Plan is the subject of a separate consultation right now. We need everyone to respond to the consultation and ask for the Local Green Space around the village to be approved. When we were putting together the LGS application there were dozens of passionate responses saying why the green space around the village is so valuable. We need to make sure these ideas (and more) are represented in the consultation. Please, if you’ve got a moment, could you go to the Local Plan consultation and give your own view of the importance of local green space. Please click here to view the consultation and to give an online response.

The key question on the online form is “Q22 Which areas (including sites identified on the Local Green Space Map) do you think should be designated a Local Green Space? Please state you reasons why.” If you haven’t registered before then please do register – you only have to do it once and it means you can comment on any other consultations that Cheltenham Borough Council has in future. The closing date is 3rd August. You don’t have to fill in all the questions in the questionnaire if you don't want to – it’s fine to scroll down to Q22, answer that, then submit.

Thank you! – this will really help us to do all we can to keep the area around our village as green as possible.