Village Hall

On 14th November a meeting was held to discuss the future management of the Village Hall. It was standing room only and excellent to see that so many people regard the hall as a valuable community asset. Helen and Yvonne of the Parish Council prepared an excellent presentation so that everybody was on the same page. In a nutshell, the Village Hall is owned by the Parish Council but the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the hall is the responsibility of the management committee, organised as a charitable trust.

The committee has done sterling work over the years and, understandably, feel it is time they stepped back. The meeting was focused very much on the future. Our meeting asked the audience whether they would be willing to assist in the ongoing running on the hall. It is not just a matter of finding a handful of people to form a committee in the future. We recognise that there are many people with useful skills and experience who may hate the idea of being involved in committee work. Well, we need you all. Even if you weren't at the event on the 14th, or if you were there but didn't register with us, please let us know if you feel you have something to offer. Accounts need to be prepared, walls need to be painted, supplies need to be collected and floors need to be cleaned. Contact me or any parish councillor if you are willing to join in. Another meeting has been arranged for the 29th November at 7:00pm specifically for those who feel they can commit some time to the cause.