The Parish Council

Parish Councillors are unpaid elected representatives of the community. The number of councillors on a parish council varies depending upon the number of electors in the parish. Our parish is quite small and has nine council seats. Elections for councillors are held every four years. At the time of writing elections for our council are next due in 2018. It is easy to stand as a councillor. If insufficient numbers put themselves forward at an election the council may co-opt others to the post of councillor.

Three councillors constitute a quorum (that is, the minimum number of councillors that must be present for a meeting to be valid). Councillors are commonly known as members of the council.

The council has one part time employee. Officially called the Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer of the council he is more commonly known as the clerk. He is expected to provide advice and support to the council but he is not a member and does not vote.

The council normally meets on the second Monday of the month, twelve months a year, in the Village Hall at 7:30pm. This page shows the date of the next meeting and gives access to agendas and minutes.

The Parish Council is a Chartered Parish with both the County Council and Cheltenham Borough Council.