There is a defibrillator in the entrance porch to the Village Hall. It is accessible even when the hall is closed. In the event of an emergency call 999 and report the location of the Village Hall (Church Rd, Swindon Village, Cheltenham GL51 9QP). The emergency call handler will provide you with the code you need to unlock the defibrillator cabinet. The defibrillator device can then be removed from the cabinet and taken out of its protective pouch. The device is switched on using the central button and the pads are pulled from the device using the green tab. The machine issues audio instructions to the user.

The user manual for the defibrillator can be viewed here. If the defibrillator is serviceable it should flash a green light every few seconds. If the light is flashing red or if there is no light or if the device is emitting a sound please notify the Parish Clerk immediately.

For the record, the serial number of the defibrillator is 18E00007937. The pad pack expiry date is 1st April 2027. The defibrillator call sign is WC0463.

The status of the defibrillator is reported monthly to The Circuit.