Council Meeting 9th June 2020

Due to the corona virus pandemic this meeting will be held by audio/video link as permitted under The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020. Anyone wishing to join the meeting must contact the Clerk in advance to obtain the required information.

The following documents are relevant to the meeting.

More detailed information on particular topics is provided below.

  • Item 3 - Public session. Odours have been reported emanating from Wingmoor Farm or Brockhampton Sewage Treatment Works. A member of the public with an interest in this topic has asked to attend the meeting.
  • Item 6 - Accounts payable are listed on page 2 of the agenda. The meeting will be asked to authorise payments to the Clerk (salary and expenses) and to Cllr. James Cornish (reimbursement of money spent on shopping for vulnerable members of the community and Facebook advertising fees).
  • Item 7 - Planning applications include:
    • 20/00749/FUL - Five new houses at Manor Farm ("Phase 2")
    • 20/00771/FTP - Diversion of footpath
    • 20/00759/FUL - 206 new houses off Manor Road (first part of Elms Park)

    See the full list of planning applications for links.