How's Your Broadband?

I have received complaints that the broadband service offered by BT is very poor in the area. That was also my experience in the past. I have since moved to Virgin Media, but surely BT should offer a decent, competitive service to its customers. BT provides the basic infrastructure over which service providers (not just BT but Plusnet, Talk Talk, etc.) can offer their broadband and TV services.

If you have broadband I am interested to know how you feel about the service you are receiving. At this stage I just want to get a broad view of what the feeling is. If people are unhappy we can then look at possible actions that could be taken.

I will need to know your street so that we can identify problem areas. If you want to let me know your name and email address please do. I will only use your details to contact you regarding this matter, I won’t share your details with others and I will delete them immediately on request.

  • Who is your broadband provider?
    (e.g. Virgin, BT, Plusnet, Talk Talk)
  • How do rate the speed of the connection?
    (1 to 5 where 1 is very poor, 5 is very good)
  • How do you rate the reliability of the service?
    (1 to 5 where 1 is regularly drops out, 5 is very reliable)
  • In which street do you live?
  • Your name (optional)
  • Email address (optional)

Please respond in one of the following ways:

  • Email me at (or use the contact form on this website)
  • Pop a note through my door at “Morris Hill”, Swindon Lane (the old house by the level crossing)

If you are really keen you can measure the speed of your connection by going to and reporting the numbers to me.

Thank you.